DIA EDM/eSubs only 2.5 weeks away

The DIA EDM/eSubs conference, or as the DIA calls it, “EDM and ERS/eCTD 2012” , being held at the Baltimore Hilton Hotel from October 9-11, 2012 (Tutorials: October 8), is only 2 weeks away. Find out more at http://www.diahome.org/en/Flagship-Meetings/12003-EDM.aspx . And while you’re there, stop by the Sage Submissions booth (#301) and find out how Sage Templates can make the preparation of your Regulatory documents easier and more accurate and the new features of v2.

Sage Templates releases 510(k) templates for FDA CDRH presubmissions and submissions and cross-mapped to STED

Sage Templates now include templates for 510(k) with cross mapping to GHTF Summary Technical Documentation (STED). Templates are designed to conform to granularity and PDF file format requirements of FDA CDRH Electronic Copy mandate contained in FDASIA and MDUFA III. Please email info@sagesubmissions.com if you would like additional information or a sample copy.

Source: http://www.linkedin.com/e/-c0g6q7-h6f31dcl-4c/ava/154166112/2738309/eml-anet_dig-b_nd-pst_ttle-cn/?hs=false&tok=3ampKxBk7rm5o1



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