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515 Consulting Group is pleased to be able to offer you demonstrations of our premiere solution offerings:

  • eCTDmanager, to meet all your eCTD, CTD, NeeS, eCopy, IMPD, CTA and paper publishing needs
  • Regulatory Authoring Word Templates, to help you create regulatory documents for your CTD, eCTD, CTA/IMPD needs
  • PCVmanager, to meet your pharmacovigilance management and regulatory reporting needs
  • DRAmanager, to meet your regulatory activity management and tracking needs.
  • EURS (EXTEDO Universal Review System), the official eCTD review and validation tool for the European Medicine Agency (EMA) and it’s member countries that you can also use to validate your own submissions to all Regulatory Agencies
  • GLOBALvalidator, a robust eCTD validation tool for multiple Global Regulatory Agencies including the FDA, EMA, CA etc.

To schedule a demo or discuss any of these solutions, please contact us by filling out the form on the Contact Us page. We will get back to you quickly.