515 Consulting Group participates in test of the FDA ESG for Health Canada submissions

515 Consulting Group was one of only 16 companies that participated in the Health Canada electronic submission testing. The final testing, Phase IIb, using the production FDA ESG occurred on October 3 and 4.

As noted in the HC email to participants today:

“… HC took some valuable feedback away from the experience of testing … Your feedback has been extremely helpful and will be put towards official HC guidance on the ESG and managing future pilot projects. … We are aiming to have the first real submission received through the CESG late October/early November.”

515 Consulting is looking forward to its first electronic submissions through the CESG. If you anticipate having a HC eCTD submission, please contact us.

Please pass this post on to others you think would benefit from knowing about the Canadian ESG for eCTDs.